Photovoltaic System

A complete photovoltaic system includes different components. These components should be selected taking into consideration your individual needs, site location, climate and expectations. In this section we review the component functions and several different system types.

Major Photovoltaic System Components

Photovoltaic SystemThe functional and operational requirements will determine which components the system will include.

They may include major components, such as a DC-AC power inverter, battery storage, and system and a battery controller with specified electrical loads (appliances).

PV Modules – convert sunlight instantly into DC electric power.

Inverter – converts DC power into standard AC power for use in the home. It synchronizes with utility power whenever the electrical grid is distributing electricity.

Battery – stores energy when there is an excess coming in and distributes it back out when there is a demand. Solar PV panels continue to re-charge batteries each day to maintain battery charge.

Utility Meter – utility power is automatically provided at night and during the day when the demand exceeds your solar electric power production.

The utility meter actually spins backwards when solar power production exceeds house demand, allowing you to credit any excess electricity against future utility bills.

Charge Controller – prevents battery overcharging and prolongs the battery life of your PV system.

In addition, there is an assortment of balance of system hardware – wiring, overcurrent, surge protection and disconnect devices, and other power processing equipment.

Photovoltaic System Sizing

The size of the PV system that will meet your expectations depends on your individual needs, site location and climate. In order to provide system size, our professionals will review your electric bill and will provide you with the correct system size for your house.

Harvest the Sun for Your Energy Needs and Save!

The average California family will save nearly $30,000 over 20 years by using solar energy.