About Solar Earth Choice

We Strive To Make Renewable Energy Available To Any Household. For The Future Of Our Children And Out Planet.

Who We Are

Deciding to switch your home to solar power is a big commitment that requires a lot of research to make sure that you don’t get fooled with overpriced equipment or improper installation that limits the ability of your renewable energy system.

The effects of using solar energy are obvious and plentiful when it comes to the environment but there is also a large impact that you feel when it comes to your monthly electric bill. Solar power even helps to rid some homeowners of their electric bill altogether.

When you choose Solar Earth Choice to help you with the transition to renewable energy for your home or business, you’re not only getting the biggest selection of products available from the biggest variety of solar companies. We also offer up to 40 percent cheaper prices on installation costs. You can get whatever you need without worrying about going over your budget with solar installation.

Our Vision

At Solar Earth Choice you won’t find a sales pitch or a sales people. Rather, you’ll find a group of people who think solar is just pretty amazing and who want to see renewable energy in more homes and businesses across the US.

Our team not only helps you decide if your site is a good fit for solar, but helps you to choose which system is the best fit for you. All this can be done online or with an over the phone appointment. We at Solar Earth Choice know that solar can be purchased online with the right guidance and professional attitude. We are here to start a revolution on saving time, saving money and the planet!

When our customers go solar, they feel confident in their decision and are as excited about the project as we are.

Not only are we committed to helping our customers make environmentally responsible buying decisions, our own environmental stewardship is demonstrated by our company using US-made solar equipment whenever possible.

renewable energy

Our Mission

We at Solar Earth Choice are passionate about contributing to a world that does not depend on power from fossil fuels. Our goal is to accelerate the adoption of solar technology nationwide to conserve our environment and provide an environmentally-friendly, sustainable and conflict-free power supply.

We seek to provide our customers high-value add solutions and remain aggressive in our focus on cost. We remain conservative in our quality control and customer service.

At Solar Earth Choice we put our customers and partners at the center of our attention and treat them with trust, respect and integrity.

What We Offer

  • Lowest-cost photovoltaic solar systems: Our prices up to 40 percent lower than the average installation. We beat all the “big sharks” of the industry.
  • American-made products: Most companies offer products made in China, Taiwan, etc. Solar Earth Choice offers only American-made products.
  • The best workmanship: We provide you with the best installers in the industry. Installers that have already been certified and approved by us. Our installers are bonded, licensed and insured. The best part is you are the one who can choose the installer that works in your area. You are always in the driver’s seat.
  • Expert design and technical support: All our photovoltaic systems come with system design, permit-ready and manufacturer’s and workmanship warranty.

Green Updates

Renewable energy and smaller environmental footprints are the future. Solar Earth Choice can take you there.

Professional Service

Our experience and expertise is industry-best. Our solar installation specialists are knowledgeable and professional. Our expedience is unbeatable.


Not only is Solar Earth Choice’s skillset greater than those of the corporate solar companies, our prices are much more economical.

Financial Programs

Our trusted partners can provide you with solar energy loans to cover your equipment and installation costs.

Harvest the Sun for Your Renewable Energy Needs and Save!

The average California family will save nearly $30,000 over 20 years by using solar energy.