solar panels

Law Passed by CA Gov. Exempts Homes Destroyed By Wildfire From Having to Install Solar

Effective January 1, California will become the first state in the US requiring that new homes must be equipped with solar panels. In recent years, thousands of homes have been destroyed or damaged by wildfires or other such disasters. The solar panels will increase the cost of a new home by $9,500, according to the […]

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Solar Battery Storage

Solar Energy Costs Have Decreased Drastically Over the Last 10 Years Proving That Solar Energy Is The Wave Of The Future

According to a recent report on energy usage, it was determined that during the past 10 years, solar energy has produced the most energy capacity worldwide. Commissioned by the United Nations Environment’s economy division, the “Global Trends in Renewable Energy Investment 2019” points out that solar energy has increased capacity from 414 gigawatts to 1,650 gigawatts […]

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coal plant

For The First Time In History U.S. Renewable Power Capacity Beats Out Coal

In April, the revolution in the capacity of renewable power broke a record. FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) released its EIU, (Energy Infrastructure Update) containing their research data for the year 2019 up to and including April. “That was enough to push renewable energy’s share of total available installed U.S. generating capacity up to 21.56%. By […]

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PG&E Bankruptcy: time to go solar

Here Come The Blackouts

The recent plan by California’s biggest power supplier to cut electricity during high wind days and wildfire season could sink millions of users into darkness.   Pacific Gas & Electric made the decision of cutting power during summer due to last year’s Camp Fire, which was the most disastrous in California history. Though this plan […]

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