[vc_section][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]​Solar Earth Choice makes it easy to convert to solar! Don’t let the price tag scare you, we offer financing suitable for most financial situations!

Exploring Financing Options That Fit Your Budget

We will guide you through all available options. Long standing relationships and proven quality has set us up as a trusted vendor with top lending institutions.We work with the top lenders in the space to get you the best deal possible. Let us help set you up with hassle free solutions. We stand behind our work and our lenders know this. This is why we can help you get the financing you need for upgrades that make sense and will be helpful in the long term.


PACE (property assessed clean energy) funding is up-front money, given against your home equity, provided by the Federal Government for the purposes of home energy improvements. Let us help you put this puzzle together.


These loans don’t require your home equity; instead, most are backed by your personal income and credit history. The increase in business has made it simpler to obtain these kinds of loans.


Energy Remodeling offers self financing options for those who want to save money and benefit from going energy-efficient without the use of third party loans.

Loan Cash Lease PPA
Down payment $0 down Outright Purchase $0 down, full & partial prepay options $0 down, full & partial prepay options
Ownership You You US US
Tax credit(s) NA NA
Monthly payments Fixed* None Low, fixed with a 0-2.9% annual escalator Pay for the energy produced, with a 0-2.9% annual escalator
Production guarantee
Energy monitoring
Roof & system warranty
Payment term 10 or 20 Years Paid in full 20 Years 20 Years

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Financial Programs

Our trusted partners can provide you with solar energy loans to cover your equipment and installation costs.

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Harvest the Sun for Your Energy Needs and Save!

The average California family will save nearly $30,000 over 20 years by using solar energy.