If we, as a society, weren’t fully cognizant of our dependence on various aspects of daily life before COVID-19 was a household name, we are now. Coronavirus has swept through the entire world and into the forefront of our consciousness within a matter of weeks. The things in life that we once presumed to be certainties are now in question. Among those basic societal necessities is our electricity.

The scope of our nation’s electricity needs is almost beyond comprehension. When we factor in the reality that an increasing number of people now find themselves confined to their homes for everything from work, to study, to grocery shopping and basic communication, we start to realize just how imperative it is that our electricity remains undisrupted. Every electrical device and appliance we own is probably getting more use than ever and a dependable power supply is essential. Another mammoth consideration is the crucial electricity requirements that hospitals face in order to operate medical equipment, run computer networks and simply keep the lights on.

During this time of crisis, we are reminded that the role of electricity is central to our quality of life as a modern society. We would be wise if we were compelled by this realization to consider expanding our options on such an indispensable resource. This is where solar power comes to the spotlight, so to speak. At this critical moment in our time, solar power has a lot to offer in the way of energy security.

The possibility of a decline in power as the worldwide pandemic continues to strain our energy supply means that now is the time for our energy use practices to evolve. As the price of coal increases, the cost of electricity will also rise. One solution that can have a measurable impact is converting your household energy source to solar power. Not only will this reduce your reliance on the mainstream power grid but it will have a positive financial impact on your wallet as well.

By converting to solar energy you will see your yearly energy expenditures fall. This can add up to thousands of dollars over the lifespan of your system. If your current electricity rates are higher than you’d like them to be, you stand to benefit from making the switch. You will no longer be bound to a surge in utility rates during peak hours of usage, either. There won’t be a time of day when you need to be concerned about lowering your household’s energy usage to avoid higher costs. Solar power gives you the ability to use electricity whenever it’s convenient for you.

The advantages of using renewable energy are far too many to list here. We here at Solar Earth Choice would love to invite you to have a conversation with us to discuss them further. We’re providing free online consultations with no pressure to buy our services. And because we know that you may be concerned about financing such an endeavor during these uncertain times, we are offering financing options to ease the transition without impacting your wallet until you’re ready. That includes zero down and deferred payment plans.

We understand that your electricity needs might be outgrowing your capacity and that you’re concerned. We want to provide you with a solar solution that works for you. Contact us for an online consultation today!