solar energy environment

How Does Solar Power Help the Environment?

In our current world, the excessive use of things like automobiles, electrical generators, industrial machinery and chimneys from production factories, has dramatically increased the carbon footprint in our environment. Most of these products are of enormous benefit and their usage cannot be compromised, but they are also accompanied by great environmental damages.    It’s a […]

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Solar Panels

How Do Solar Panels Work?

Are you wondering how solar panels can supply your energy and save you money? Here’s the rundown of how solar energy works to power solar panels. What is Solar Energy? The sun produces photons, which are tiny packets of energy that travel to the Earth. Photons generate solar energy, which is then turned into electricity […]

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Lancaster solar installation

2019 Is The Year to Go Solar

Many homeowners who have been waiting for the “right” time to go solar are beginning to see that 2019 is the year to make that leap. There are two main reason. First, the big California utilities, like Southern California Edison, working with the California Public Utilities Commission, are planning to put all homeowners on a […]

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residential solar installation

Top 5 Things You Didn’T Know About Solar Energy

The solar industry is quickly changing and experiencing unprecedented growth. Here are 5 facts that may surprise you about this increasingly popular source of power, according to the Department of Energy. 1. Solar energy is the most abundant energy resource on earth — 173,000 terawatts of solar energy strikes the Earth continuously. That’s more than […]

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Property Assessed Clean Energy Programs

Per the office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, it’s important for us to keep our customers informed of the best practices and various financing optionsthat are available to them. The following is taken directly from the state and local solution center at Best Practice Guidelines for Residential Property Assessed Clean Energy Financing The U.S. Department […]

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