In November 2019, the Department of Energy (DoE) announced that they are going to fund 75 new projects that will reduce the cost of solar energy. The DOE is working towards making sure that solar electricity is affordable and available for every American. But what is solar energy and what are the benefits?

Definition of Solar Energy

The sun is the most powerful source of energy in the universe. The energy that it produces can be collected by solar panels, which convert it to electricity or heat. Over the years, the price of energy has been rising and it does not seem to come down anytime. Many people are looking for ways that they can cut the electricity bills and there is no better way than investing in solar energy. Here are the top reasons why solar is the perfect choice for home and commercial use.

  • Reduce Electricity Bills

According to research from Earnest Orlando Laboratory, the number one reason why people go for solar is to reduce the normal electricity costs. Those who have used solar panels before swear that they have slashed down their electricity bills. DOE is funding 21 projects from the Photovoltaics Research and Development department with $23.6 million. This department will work on reducing the cost of solar panels. Remember that the more panels you have, the more electricity you’ll generate, thus the more costs you’ll cut and your savings will increase. 

  • Renewable Source of Energy

As long as there is the sun, we can never run out of energy. This is unlike other sources of energy which are unpredictable. There are 13 projects from Concentrating Solar Power Research and Development, which has been funded $30 million to work towards achieving solar energy in all seasons. So, you can be certain that solar energy will now be available in summer, spring, autumn, and winter. 

  • Clean Energy Source

Solar energy is known to be one of the cleanest energy sources. It requires no oil or any fuel and reduces the carbon footprint. It also cut down greenhouse gasses. In short, it saves the environment. 

So, Should You Invest in Solar Energy?

If you are looking for a source of energy that will never let you down and if you are tired of high electricity bills every month, then certainly you should go for solar energy. DOE is investing $128 in innovative research projects that will make solar energy affordable to everyone.