Going solar is a sensible idea. Being environmentally conscious is important. However, most folks have a lot of questions about Tesla’s much-ballyhooed solar panels. The number one question is whether or Tesla’s solar panels are worth it.

The answer to that question is not a simple one and requires thorough examination.

Somewhere in the Middle

Upon review of the Tesla’s Solar Roof, there are some really great things and some not so great things. The design is completely amazing. However, accessing Tesla’s Solar Roof is not simple. It is a hard to find the product because it was just released a few years ago. Tesla is riding their name brand, which was largely built on cars. And much like some of their other non-auto forays, the company’s attempt at solar may ultimately be a failure.

A Price Drop in Tesla’s Solar Roof is Highly Suggested

A regular roof costs around $5 per square foot. Tesla’s Solar Roof is over $21 a square foot. That is quite a price jump!

One thing to keep in mind to justify the price to yourself is that a typical roof does not produce solar energy. While the Tesla Solar Roof does provide solar energy, is it worth the extreme price? If the price were to drop down, Tesla’s Solar Roof would be a viable option for more households. Not only should the very wealthy be able to access solar energy from Tesla. Right?

Estimates to Encourage Product Sale

At the Tesla website, homeowners can get an estimate for a Solar Roof. In most cases, the entire roof is not replaced with Tesla’s Solar Roof. Only a partial amount of the roof is solar. The website calculates how much the roof would cost and how long it would take for the roof to save you enough money to pay for itself. The estimates on the website do not take permitting costs into consideration.

Does Tesla’s Solar Roof Really Save People Money?

Homeowners in California can receive a federal tax cut for having a solar roof. While that’s a plus of having solar, it’s the same plus with any solar installation. Tesla provides a good product, but from early reviews it is not worth the time, effort and cost required.

And surprise, surprise. Tesla has a waiting list, even for solar.

This could be while most analysts predict that the company is going to fail at solar.

What is an Alternative to a Tesla Roof?

The best and less expensive way is to install traditional solar panels on your roof. You will enjoy a quick process and installation that can take no more than 3-4 weeks and can save you a great deal of money. You will enjoy the 30% tax credit (phasing out by the end of 2019). The price is a a fraction of the cost of the Tesla Solar Roof.

State average for traditional solar installation is $3.89 per watt. That will allow you a quick return on investment.