The California Energy Commission recently approved building codes that require new homes built in California to have solar energy panels. Due to the serious blackouts that Los Angeles has experienced, the state of California is making the switch to solar energy. There already is a large solar energy farm in California, but now, houses that are newly built will be required to adhere to the solar energy codes. Every home that is under four stories tall must have solar energy panels as an energy source. By the end of the year 2020, the state expects over 74,000 homes to be equipped with solar energy panels. 

The Future is Solar Energy

It is clear that solar energy is the future of the country. While the Trump administration has fought against solar energy in the past, the federal government recently allowed the largest solar farm in history to be approved to open just outside of Las Vegas. While the installation of the new solar panels is expected to cost just over $8000 per unit, the long run savings are expected to be enormous. Before the solar energy mandate in California, many homes already had taken the plunge to switch to solar energy. To solve the blackout crisis, the state felt that the solar panel energy mandate was the right move to make for the future. 

Making the Switch to Solar Energy

Recent studies have shown that many Americans have at least considered switching to alternative energy methods. The number one concern of most residents is the price of installation of the new panels. As mentioned, California expects each unit to cost over $8000. However, there are many companies out there that offer to lease the equipment to homeowners. In the long run, it is always better to buy the solar panels because of the long term savings. However, leasing is an alternative option for those who simply can’t afford to outright buy their solar energy panels. 

Solving the Blackout Problem

Time will tell how effective the new alternative building codes in California will be to solving the blackout problem. The new renewable energy changes are an exciting step forward to depending less on other forms of energy. Residents who have considered making the switch to solar energy are urged to take the plunge.