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Law Passed by CA Gov. Exempts Homes Destroyed By Wildfire From Having to Install Solar

Effective January 1, California will become the first state in the US requiring that new homes must be equipped with solar panels. In recent years, thousands of homes have been destroyed or damaged by wildfires or other such disasters. The solar panels will increase the cost of a new home by $9,500, according to the […]

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Solar Battery Storage

Solar Energy Costs Have Decreased Drastically Over the Last 10 Years Proving That Solar Energy Is The Wave Of The Future

According to a recent report on energy usage, it was determined that during the past 10 years, solar energy has produced the most energy capacity worldwide. Commissioned by the United Nations Environment’s economy division, the “Global Trends in Renewable Energy Investment 2019” points out that solar energy has increased capacity from 414 gigawatts to 1,650 gigawatts […]

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California Mandates 100% Clean Power By 2045

Yesterday California lawmakers passed an historic bill mandating 100% clean power generation by 2045. This makes California (the 5th largest economy in the world) the biggest economy on Earth to commit to 100% carbon-free electrical power generation. This is not only an important symbolic achievement, but a key to slowing global warming and climate change. […]

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Electrifying Homes

Most headline news related to clean energy has been focused on glamorous things like highperformance electric sports cars, large utility-scale solar projects and exotic new battery technologies. But de-carbonizing means electrification of almost everything – including our homes. While heating and cooling of buildings accounts for only about 10% of  greenhouse gas emissions in the […]

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