As more concern grows over the current climate issues, more Americans are taking note and considering alternative forms of energy. Even though the current presidential administration has fought for traditional energy forms and ignored climate based science, the country is considering making the switch to solar energy. Solar energy is growing rapidly in popularity, especially in California. Los Angeles has experienced serious blackouts that have pushed lawmakers to approve building codes that require new homes to be built with solar panels. Although many citizens across the nation are interested in solar energy panels, only six percent of households have reported making the switch to solar panels. 

Shying Away from the Cost

Many homeowners say what puts them off most about switching to solar panels is the fact that they cost so much to purchase and install. It is true that solar energy panels are expensive. In fact, the new building codes in California are expected to cost at least $8000 per unit to have solar panels installed. While there are companies out there that lease solar panels, it is better to purchase the panels outright. Saving funds is the goal of most homeowners and outright purchasing the panels ultimately saves money. However, homeowners are encouraged to make the switch to solar energy, regardless of how they need to finance it. The future of the country is expected to count on solar energy, which is a good thing in many aspects.

Federal Tax Credit

Since 2005, there has been a federal tax credit for homeowners who have installed solar energy panels. In various areas around the United States, most homeowners reported being in favor to switching to solar energy instead of counting on traditional forms of energy. The federal tax credit can allow homeowners to enjoy a break on their taxes when it comes time to file. Most residential projects can still take advantage of the federal tax credit until the year 2021. As the technology grows and becomes more readily available, the popularity and price of solar panel energy is expected to drop by leaps and bounds. Many homeowners who are on the fence about making the switch to solar energy have found the federal tax credit to be an enticing reason to go ahead and take the leap into solar energy. Time will tell what the future holds when it comes to renewable energy sources.