The recent plan by California’s biggest power supplier to cut electricity during high wind days and wildfire season could sink millions of users into darkness.  

Pacific Gas & Electric made the decision of cutting power during summer due to last year’s Camp Fire, which was the most disastrous in California history. Though this plan may overcome the fire problem, it also creates another problem of blackouts. Those could be a life-threatening situation for many in hospitals. Thousands of residents are turning to solar power as an alternative. But many residents are worried about their future because the number of solar users are small as compared to PG&E consumers.

California’s Climate Change Policies Driving Decisions

It has been noted by experts that the mishandled, overfull forests provide fuel to California’s wildfires. About 129 million dead trees were kindling during the recent fire outbreaks in California. This is still a threat for future fires. Failure to put structures in place to address the issue will utter any discussed policies on the control of carbon footprint fruitless.

Turning off the Power

There are numerous questions running through people’s minds regarding threats to cut off the power supplied to health clinics, hospitals, schools, government buildings, offices, businesses, sports arenas, stadiums, etc.

Dropping millions of consumers into darkness cannot be the best long-term opinion. But the question still remains, “why?”

Though this plan can solve one problem when executed, it creates more.

There is no discussion of how utilities can keep up with energy from solar and wind, while they cut off electricity for their customers.